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BOOK: Art of Sequencing, Volume Three

Art of Sequencing Volume Three 

 My third book, Art of Sequencing – Asana Modifications, is a resource designed for both yoga students and teachers that celebrates the beautiful uniqueness of each of our bodies. It readily allows for any yoga practice—whether one that you do on your own, or one that you teach to your students—to be customized to meet each person’s individual needs.

Whether you are a student new to yoga, or one with some experience but wanting more for your personal practice, this book will help you to understand how to adjust your poses for an optimal fit. For new teachers or those working with groups of students with functional challenges or age-related bodily changes, this book will dramatically expand what you can offer to your students. And for those who are leading teacher training programs, this book will serve as a valuable resource to inspire a deeper level of understanding of how to offer modifications in your classroom setting.

Art of Sequencing – Asana Modifications – Volume Three will teach you how to design a practice that can be tailored to your own or your student’s personal needs, whether working through an injury, dealing with a physical constraint, or just honoring unique musculature that requires extra attention.

  • Intro Series
  • General Anatomy Theme
  • Flow Classes

Each of these three sections contain numerous examples of seamless 30- to 60-minute practices that will help keep you inspired, regardless of your current level of practice.

Book DetailsSpiral bound book Size: 10 3⁄4 x 7 123 pages 400 black and white photographs Printed on FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper

View sample pages from Asana Modifications – Volume Three:


Wall salutation alignment flow


Revolved Knee head posture


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The book has come and I think it is remarkable. I just wanted to say that I am a 65 year old who trained to teach last year, after practicing for 30 years. I am teaching students from 40 to 72. Although I learned modifications, there haven’t been anything like enough of them. So this is a wonderful aide in my mission to keep this age group trucking!”

C. Haydon

United Kingdom

As a Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist I see a substantial need for modifications in asanas as every student is unique with their range of movement and capabilities.
The sequences in this fabulous book are well thought out, clever, progressive and accessible to even the most restricted. Thank you Melina!

J. Quested


This is such a lovely book. There are so many ideas for tailoring postures to suit a variety of needs. With lots of photos, the book isn’t weighed down with text. I would recommend this to any teacher, or student, who is looking for ways to practice with, or without, using the fullest expression of a pose.

C. Loftis