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BOOK: Art of Sequencing, Vol 1

Art of Sequencing is a resource for class ideas, movement patterns, and suggestions for how to link specific asanas to specific goals. I am hopeful that within the book’s 34 different sequences—reflecting an array of levels, aims, and intentions—as well as the presentation of general sequencing principles, you will find practical tools and insights.

In the heart of the book—the practice sequences— are divided into three categories:

  • Intro Series
  • General Anatomy Theme
  • Flow Classes

Each of these three sections contain numerous examples of seamless 30- to 60-minute practices that will help keep you inspired, regardless of your current level of practice.

Book DetailsSpiral bound book Size: 10 3⁄4 x 7 123 pages 400 black and white photographs Printed on FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper

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Art of Sequencing, Vol 1

This is what the the pages look like-

Intro Sequence

Surya Namaskar Sequence

Hip Opening Sequence

Your book arrived today…love, love, love the book! As a relatively new teacher, this is such a help to me to begin to create ‘theme’ class sessions. I have been doing some of this on my own, however, your book really is a huge help to me for fresh insight, and to just know that I am on track with what I’m doing. Too, sometimes, when creating a class, I get stuck – with which pose would best fit next. Your book is so helpful in that regard! Thank you so much for documenting the work we all try to do!”

Martie Schoener

Unfolding Heart Yoga

Hi Melina!
Your book arrived to Serbia safe sound : ) 2 months ago and I enjoy
exploring it. All those modifications and variations – it’s a real gem with a
creative logic behind composing sequences!”

Zvonka Gazivoda


Hi!, I discovered your book, looking for yoga books in Amazon, I just got
it like 3 days ago. I wanted to contact you to tell you that your work is awesome, it’s really an incredible piece of art!…. I admire your dedication and creativity, and of course as we see your love for the passion of yoga. I’m a yoga instructor in Mexico city, and it´s going to be a great journey to work with your sequences, you inspire! Thank you!

Anna Adoue