Over the past 17 years I’ve been teaching yoga full-time and have come to appreciate the immense value of retreats for my own health, spiritual growth, and peace of mind. I believe we all need time “away” from our responsibilities to reconnect with our sense of “free will, purpose, and desire” that can often be forgotten in the momentum of daily routines. For me, retreats have always been a place to slow down my over-stimulated sense organs, eat 3 solid meals a day, listen to what’s in my heart, and enjoy the profound healing that comes from being outside in nature. Since not everyone is able to get away and retreat to some “other place,” I thought it might be helpful to share what an at-home retreat might look like.

The intention and time you put into planning your single-day or multiple-day retreat can have the same transformational effect as one guided in your favorite dream location. Remember to ask for support in holding your own retreat. Make sure you have permission and coverage at work, have said goodbye to Facebook and other social media, have organic, whole foods in your house or garden, and have let friends and family know who how long you will be away and when you will be available again. Once all of this is in place, you are good to go on retreat. Enjoy!

At-Home Retreat:
•Bedtime: 10:00pm
•Wake up: 6:00am
•Use your neti pot and tongue scraper, apply nasya oil to the nasal cavity
•Hydrate with a large glass of room temperature *Master Cleanse Drink
•Meditate for 30 minutes
•One-hour asana practice (Suggestions: Use Art of Sequencing – Volume Two book to practice with the season)
•Eat a warm breakfast in silence
•Oil massage and/or exfoliate your skin before showering
•Read something that inspires you or watch an educational video
•Be in nature (1-2 hours, if possible without using a car; walk or bike to your destination if you can)
•Stop and journal or meditate during your our outing – connect to your muse
•Eat a warm lunch in silence
•Sit quietly gazing outside 15 for minutes after eating
•Walking meditation: stroll around your block for 20 minutes
•Read something that inspires you or watch an educational video
•One-hour pranayama and restorative yoga practice
•20-minute meditation
•Prepare dinner with mindfulness
•Eat a warm dinner in silence
•Wash dishes with mindfulness
•Walking meditation: stroll around your block for 20 minutes
•Enjoy a cup of hot tea
•Journal about your day
•Prepare for sleep
•Repeat this program as many days as you can!

*Master Cleanse recipe in Art of Sequencing – Volume Two page 180.