After co-teaching the Spring Seasonal Ayurveda Yoga Immersion with Dr. Scott Blossom this weekend, I feel inspired to highlight the importance of the earth element this month while we are in the kapha-aggravating phase of spring. The kapha dosha will typically accumulate in late fall and early winter, so when the earth begins to warm up in the spring, it gets aggravated. The water and earth elements then move with greater force until early summer when they dry up as we enter the pitta season. Doshas occurs when our natural state of health is out of whack, often due to improper eating, overuse of our senses, not enough sleep, or misalignment with the seasons. From the Ayurvedic perspective, when the earth element is balanced, a person will typically have a stable constitution, good stamina, and a strong mind that does not fatigue easily. So you might be wondering how can I stabilize my earth element or increase my awareness of what the earth element is? For the month of April, consider trying a few of these practices to help you see, feel, taste, and touch the element of earth. Befriend what is essential to your well-being. •Eat Real Food. Food = Earth. Every time you eat, you bring the earth element into your body. You are what you eat, so when you eat wholesome fresh foods from the market, you build healthy fluids, blood, muscle, fat, bone, nerve cells, and reproductive fluids. •Foods that have been grown in the earth for longer periods of time like carrots, beets, turnips, and yams have a more earthy quality than salads or sprouts. They can be made into healthy snacks for this season to help you stay grounded. •Vote with your dollar at the store. For the month of April, consider buying all organic foods to help the earth remain free of harmful chemicals. •Try growing some food this month. At your local health food store or farmers market, pick up a box of salad mix, kale, herbs, a tomato plant, or some peas. Add the starters to some organic compost and watch your little plant grow into food or herbs. Get your whole family on board to each take care of a plant. •Take time in a forest or in the wildness area this month. Feel with all your senses what’s happening in the space around you. This is one of the best practices for stabilizing your mind and cultivating peace.