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Fine Art Photography

Melina’s focus ranges from Plant Portraits and travel photography to close up studies of flowers and textures. Regardless of genre, Melina is adept at capturing her subject’s unique and often untraditional beauty. Melina’s photos can make you believe that the world she lives in is far more breathtaking than yours….not easy to do but she makes it look effortless.” Tony Rizutto – Photographer and Director of Photographer’s Breakthrough

Portrait Photography

  2. Solo Portrait and Yoga Photography Sessions are 1-1.5 hours – $450 Included in this package: 4 digital images (color and/or black & white).
 Additional images can be purchased for $50 each.
  3. Family or Group Portrait Session are 1-1.5 hours – $600 
Included in this package: 5 digital images (color and/or black & white).
 Additional images can be purchased for $50 each.
  4. Special Events – Please contact Melina via EMAIL to discuss details.

Artist Bio

Growing up on the coast of Northern California inspired within me a profound respect for the beauty and healing power of Nature. As a constant ally and muse, it awoke something deep within me: a passion to teach people how aligning themselves with the natural world could elevate their sense of well-being, joy, and belonging. This has not only informed my capacities as a teacher of yoga and seasonal wellness but as a photographer as well.

Upon purchasing my first iPhone camera, I began exploring picture making with the yogic concepts of dedicated practice and non-attachment as my companions. In 2012, I embarked upon a Photo of the Day project through which I challenged myself to take and post one photo on Facebook each day. What started out as a commitment to taking a photo each day, turned into a six-year project that became a daily ritual of creativity and connection with the world around me. At first, I thought I was going out to take a photo—but in the end it was more like the photo found me. It was then that I fully realized that the creative process can’t be forced; when in sync with my daily flow, creativity seemed to find its own way through me.

Through a camera’s lens, I partner with Nature to co-create beauty, images that offer transportive experiences that are vivid and yet serene, full of surprises as well as approachable, immersive yet comforting, and mood-shifting while also being thought-provoking. My creative alliance with Nature—the place in which I find my joy, alignment, and deepest sense of belonging—leaves me grateful and in awe each and every day.