When I can be the truth, It grows more and more clear.
When it is necessary to tell the truth.
That is, when I have access to the place within me that is lighted, I don’t have to speak heatedly.
I can just give away warmth.
When I am still enough to brush quietly with eternity, I don’t have to speak of God. I can just offer peace to those around me.
A tree grows so it can convey wind. it is not the wind. And a person grows in order to convey spirit.
They say that animals recharge their innocence each time they hoof the earth. And we are reborn each time we touch what matter.


If you take away all a person knows,
You are left with the mouth of a fish
Gulping water as fast as it can.
If you take away a person’s coverings, you are left with the naked freedom of a star.
If you take away all a person has done,
You are left with a soul eager to build.
And if you take away what a person has saved,
you are left with a life that has to live now.
Stripped of too many thoughts, we grow wise as a stone.
Stripped of too many accomplishments,
we grow possible like the sun.
And stripped of what we hoard, we grow immediate.
So taking away is not just about loss.
Like it or not, we are forced, again and again, to the nakedness of freedom,
To the eagerness that wants to build its way out of nothing, and to the poverty of time that has to live now.
If blessed, we wake, one more time, gulping our way into tomorrow.