Private one-on-one sessions are designed to provide personal instruction and support for the practitioner or small group. I offer several pathways, each of which offers you a framework that inspires your ability to connect to a deep level of transformation in your well-being.  These pathways include the following:

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$50 30-minutes
$100  60-minutes
$150 90-minutes

Seasonal Yoga and Ayurveda for You

Within the art and science of yoga, nutrition, and Ayurveda, there are endless ways to help you rediscover your body’s innate wisdom and  joy of living in balance from season to season. Privates include: Introduction to Ayurveda: Dosha & Vikruti, Dinacharya (daily routines); a discussion of nutrition and digestion goals; and the designing of custom seasonal menus and an asana sequence just for you.


Nutrition and Mindfulness

What if eating became an extension of your mediation practice? In these sessions we will co-create exercises for you to bring mindfulness into your daily routines with food and eating. By increasing awareness of eating when you eat, you will learn to pay attention to feedback in your body before, during, and after eating; discover how much food you need to eat to feel satisfied; and connect to how foods effect your energy level and moods.

Elimination = Illumination Program

Are you ready to start an elimination diet to help rid your body and mind of some ama (undigested matter, toxins)? If so, together we will build a structure for you to follow and goals to meet in order to successfully accomplish your cleanse. The benefits of elimination diets typically include feeling lighter, losing weight, improving digestion and elimination, better sleep, clearer skin, reduced mood swings, and a sense of empowerment.

Asana – The Art of Sequencing

Asana – stable, steady seat
Asana privates are great for yoga practitioners looking to build their home practice, work towards an advanced pose, recover from an injury, or learn new adjustments and modifications for teaching.
(First session requires a minimum of 1 hour)

Ethics of Eating – Greening Your Life

Together we will explore the personal ethics inspired by the Yamas and Niyamas of Patanjali. Learn how to apply these principles into your life and observe how they enhance and enrich your self-care practices, relationships, and the natural world around you.

“I have known Melina for years and find her to be deeply committed,
inquisitive, insightful and kind…all the qualities you would want in a
 yoga teacher….”
 Sarah Powers

Sarah Powers

Insight Yoga

“I appreciate your practical approach to navigating the seasons, our bodies, and what we put in them. What you teach is essentially intuition but in a way that is accessible to people without being too esoteric and weird. Its refreshing.”

Student from Tofino, B.C.

“Melina, you ignited an interest in Ayurveda for me, a subject I once found remote and lacking in appeal. Your enthusiasm, depth of knowledge and teaching style really brought it to life. In fact, I now have the ingredients for kichari on my grocery shopping list!”

Student from Feathered Pipe Ranch