Seasonal Health and Wellness with Melina & Special Guests

Tuesdays September 27-December 13, 2022
Livestream classes *4:00-5:00pm (PT)  
October 11, October 25, and November 22 (Cooking Sessions): 4:00-5:30 pm
(registration open through October 12)

Calling all Seasonal Yogis! It’s that time of year to reinvest in simple daily practices that support health and well-being as you navigate the shift from summer to fall. The Autumn 2022 Seasonal Health and Wellness program will help you build back consistency in your practices. It will align your goals with the current season, offer you tools to attune more deeply to Nature and your body’s ongoing need for things like self-care, nourishment, movement, creativity, and rest.

Special guests include former Executive Chef at Kripalu Jeremy Rock Smith and Qi Gong with Eve Adler.

  • Suggested donation $175 (thanks for the support), $250 (doing fine), $300+ (feeling generous)
  • All classes are recorded and available through January 31, 2023 in Teachable.



In this program you’ll learn:
• Ayurveda practices for the autumn season
• Pranayama practices to stabilize and calm your nervous system
• How wonder and awe enhance your health and well-being
• To cook and prepare seasonal foods that nourish your body, mind and soul

The program components include:
• Four Seasonal Health and Wellness Presentations with Melina
• Three Yin Yoga/Pranayama Practices with Melina
• Eight 10-minute Pre-Recorded Meditation Practices with Melina
• Three Cooking Classes with Chef Jeremy Rock Smith (Reset your relationship with your kitchen both mentally and physically)
• One Qi Gong Class with Eve Adler
• A Manual Filled with Seasonal Recipes, Poems, and Ayurveda Tips for your Seasonal Adventure

Cooking Classes:
• How to set up your kitchen and workstation for flow and efficiency
• How to select, store and prep a variety of autumnal vegetables & Grains
• Knife skills
• To master the roast, steam and sauté techniques and how to apply them to different recipes
• The 3 universal steps that can be applied to ANY one-pot meal
• The secret to purchasing, storing, and most importantly cooking with herbs and spices
• How to cook tofu and chicken perfectly


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