Poetic Nature Collection


The Poetic Nature collection captures many of my most intimate encounters with the great elements (earth, water, fire, air and space), joy, spirit and creativity. It is a wellspring of what happens when I go beyond the more traditional portrait or landscape photo to explore what can happen when I play with motion, texture or light.

My hope is to introduce you to new ways of seeing and perhaps even inspire a little more respect for the natural world. May these images cause you to slow down, awaken your curiosity and feelings about what you see, and open you to the magnificence of each subject.

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  • Book Details:
  • Self-published
  • Limited Edition Collection – Signed copy (40)
  • 12 x 12 Hardcover with Dust Jacket
  • Premium luster finished paper
  • 88 Photographs over 96 pages
  • Four chapters: Dreamscapes, Above and Below, SeaScapes, Lightness of Being


What folks are saying about Melina’s Poetic Collection:

Melina Meza’s photographs within these pages reveal her heartfelt connection to the natural world. Her images are illuminating, showing me common subjects, whether rock formations or kelp, flowers or water ripples, in fresh ways. Her images are not attained by casual observation but rather by a meditative process of discovery. The realization of these explorations starts with her sense of wonder but is refined through various photographic techniques such as in-camera multiple exposures, camera motion, and compositing. The result is a diverse and powerful collection of photographs reflecting Melina’s creative vision of Mother Nature.”
~ William Neill – Photographer


Photography at its core is an exercise of perception. Photographers of the highest level, master both the lens and the mind. As there are no shortcuts to brilliance, genius is only achieved through disciplined action. Art on the other hand is ineffable. Sometimes spontaneous, often undisciplined. When we look at the work of the greatest artists, there is always that pause. Our eyes and brains have to take in what we are seeing. For although hard work can produce an excellent photographer, hard work alone doesn’t always produce a great artist.  What separates a photographer from an artist?  Turn a few pages of this book and you’ll know. 

The images compiled here are the result of Melina Meza’s untiring dedication to her craft. Thirty two years of seeing, listening and studying the world through the lens of camera bodies.  Although the subjects in Melina’s images are familiar to us, they are also hauntingly new to us. Consequently, they represent something profound. They represent the emergence of a new, great artist.”
~ Ed Carapezza – Producer


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