Spring Green Challenge

Tuesdays: April 11, 18, 25 (Presentations)
4:30-5:30pm (PT)

Thursdays: April 13 and 20 (Yoga)
7:30-8:30am (PT)

As the winter begins to wind down and the spring energy begins to rise, let’s join together to grow a more eco-friendly, healthy future for all.

The Spring Green Challenge is for anyone who wishes to be more conscious about what goes into or on their body, home, and mind. This course is for anyone who wishes to be more mindful about generating less waste, growing more healthy habits and/or food, and tapping into spring light and lightness to cleanse, contribute, and care for the Earth.

Included in this series:
(all classes recorded and available in Teachable through May 31)
• Three Green presentations to inspire self, other, and Earth care + downloadable Spring Manual PDF
• Two Spring Seasonal Vinyasa Yoga Classes
• Ayurvedic menu plans for spring
• Recipes for new home and body products
• Eco-friendly resources
• Tips on how to grow food
• Rituals for the five elements

$90 (thanks for the break!), $125 (doing fine), $150+ (feeling generous)



During our spring challenge, we’ll explore new recipes to awaken your taste buds and decrease packaging, design a locavore challenge, refresh your pantry, replace chemical-based cleaning products with earth-friendly solutions, and discover ways to grow food at home.

1. Complete payment for class.
2. Mark your calendars for class meeting times (all classes are recorded and available through May).
3. All classes recorded and available in Teachable through May 31, 2022.

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