Spring Yin Yoga – Air and Space


In this series, I will offer Yin sequences primed for the spring season as well as offer my favorite poems and insights into Ayurveda’s 5 Elements to support your well-being throughout the year. If you are like me and looking for a practice that cultivates calm, ease, and stillness, yet promotes circulation in your muscles and tissues, consider joining me for these recorded sessions and practice at home anytime!  Yin Yoga not only inspires the circulation of life force energy (prana) throughout the body but also instills an attitude that allows you to more fully prepare for meditation.

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Here’s how to receive the recording:
1. Click on the Add to Cart button and adjust the amount you pay ($10 per class, $40 for the full series – includes recording of class and poems). Adjust your amount when checking out if you plan to attend all 4 classes. If you’d like to contribute more than $10 per class, you can also adjust the amount you pay in your check out cart by clicking the arrow button UP).
2. Class recording and poems will be sent to shortly after purchase.
3. Download recording of video to your own computer.

Questions? Please contact email me at: melinameza@comcast.net

Thank you!