Winter Seasonal Health & Wellness

January 7 – February 26, 2021 (Save the dates: March 18-April 27 for the Spring Wellness Program!)
If you or someone you know are interested in learning more about natural health and wellness, self-care, yoga, and Ayurveda, then please join me for the Winter Seasonal Health and Wellness – Change Your Life One Week At A Time program. Together we’ll explore practices that span a range of focuses—some are dietary, some meditative, some yoga- or exercise-based, and others geared to sleep or self-care. My intention in this program is to inspire each person to fall in love with simple weekly practices that you can do at home while sheltering in. I will teach you more about nutrition for the seasons, Ayurveda for modern times, and offer yoga tools for stress management and grounding.

Seasonal health routines, yoga, and Ayurveda have changed my life. I look forward to passing along the wisdom I’ve learned from these traditions to you.

Included in the program:
Six 45-60-minute Zoom meetings (times listed below)
Weekly 4-5pm PT yoga practice
Pre-recorded videos (meditation, pranayama practice, kapha-balancing yoga practices and sun salutations)
Handouts to keep track of progress
Recipes and menu plans for winter
Tips for immune health using nutrition, stress management tools, and Ayurveda
Dive into Kapha Dosha and Ayurveda
Weekly poems for inspiration
Email support from Melina between January and February
Special guests: Baxter Bell, MD (Topic: Sleep and brain/immune health) and Chiara Guerrieri (Topic: Compassion in Action)

Cost: $108 (Thanks for the break!), $150 (I’m doing okay!), $200 (I’m thriving!), $250+ (I’m feeling generous!)

Minimum price: $108.00



How this winter program works: (Please note Part 1 of this program started in December and Part 2 for January-February will be introducing new content for everyone.)
1) Participants will receive a schedule of what wellness practice to do each week (January 7 – February 26, 2021) and additional handouts to help you keep track of your progress.
2) We will meet as a group on Zoom six times over the course of six weeks to check in, learn more about the weekly practice, and connect to others as a way to stay motivated. For the winter, we’ll also be adding a weekly Tuesday 4:00-5:00pm kapha balancing yoga practice to keep you warm and invigorated, especially if its too cold to be outside!
3) In between meetings, email Melina with questions about the suggested practice or if need a little extra support to get through your weekly practice.

Zoom Meetings – (PT) We meet on Thursdays 4pm, some selected Fridays 1pm or 4pm sessions
Tuesdays 4pm PT Yoga Asana Practice
January 7 (4pm) or 8* (1pm or 4pm option)
January 14 (4pm)  or 15*  *(1pm or 4pm option)
January 21 (4pm) or 22*  *(1pm or 4pm option)
February 4 or 5 *(1pm or 4pm option)
February 11 (4pm) or 12*  *(1pm or 4pm option)
February 25 (4pm) or 26*  *(1pm or 4pm option)
–(Recordings from our session on Friday will be in Teachable by the end of Friday, Tuesday yoga classes will be recorded and available Tuesday evening.)

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Looking for Continuing Education Hours? You can receive 30 with this program (December-February) or 20 hours (January-February).




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