Winter Dharma – Seasonal Health and Wellness – Dreaming Awake with Melina Meza & Special Guests

TUESDAYS JANUARY 11 – FEBRUARY 15, 2022 – 4:00-5:00pm (PT)
THURSDAYS JANUARY 13 – FEBRUARY 17, 2022 8:45-9:45am (PT)

We are part of Nature, interconnected with her in every way. When we hold the highest respect for Nature and her rhythms, we tap into the heart of Ayurveda, which encourages us to witness and experience the truths, gifts, and lessons from one season to the next. Therefore, to keep in tune with ourselves, it makes sense for us to attune to Nature, live in and dance to the rhythm of her seasons.

Given all of the shapeshifting occurring in our lives these days, both individually and collectively, re-aligning yourself this winter by re-connecting with its seasonal pillars—rest, sleep, exercise, visioning, dreaming, cooking, reading, creativity, community, and self-care practices inspired by Ayurveda—can align you with your natural rhythms and help you source a greater sense of well-being. This is the aim of our Winter Dharma Program, which will also help you discover your vision for 2022 with special guests Tres Jimenez (Coach, Facilitator, Public Speaker) Stephanie Gailing (Author), Chiara Guerrieri (Yoga and N.V.C.), and Baxter Bell (Meditations), and Claudette Evans (Mythology and Invocations).

The structure of this program includes the following:
• Weekly Winter Dharma Presentations (on Zoom) – Tuesday 4:00-5:00pm (PT)
• Weekly Movement Practice (on Zoom) – Thursday 8:45-9:45am (PT)
• Weekly Pre-Recorded Meditations / Chants (10 minutes each)
• Pre-Recorded Yoga Nidra Practice (30 minute)
• 14-Day Winter Re-Boot with Recipes
• Poems or Quotes to Keep You Inspired!
Winter PDF Manual

ALL classes are recorded and available in Teachable through March 1, 2022.

Suggested donation $150 (thanks for the support), $175 (doing fine), $225+ (feeling generous)



The Winter Dharma Program will inspire your self-knowledge and creativity, strengthening your ability to make conscious choices, invoking your clarity when faced with opportunities or even with life challenges. The re-alignment that it fosters will come forth through the practice we will undertake, both on and off the mat, which is vital in the traditions of both yoga and Ayurveda, and which leads us to our truth, to the essence of who we are.

HOW TO PREPARE FOR THE COURSE: (You can receive 12 CE hours for this course)

  1. Get registered!
  2. Keep your eye out for an invitation to join the Winter Dharma Teachable page early January 3.
  3. Help spread the word and invite a friend to join you for the course! Winter practices are so much more fun with a buddy!

Thanks for your interest in seasonal health and wellness.

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