Yoga with Weights On-Demand Library


Discover a new dimension of wellness with my latest offering: the On-Demand Yoga with Weights Library.

Elevate your practice and ignite your strength with over 30 specialized classes that seamlessly blend yoga, hand and ankle weights, and resistance bands. Subscribers enjoy 30 days of exclusive access to these dynamic sessions (previously recorded classes) featuring unique 30-45 minute sequences that will inspire and invigorate your fitness routine. Discover a refreshing approach to building strength and resilience, and embrace a healthier, more vibrant you.



Suggested weights for class:
Hand weights (2-5 pound range)
Ankle weights (2-5 pound range)
Resistance strap (medium)

How to get started:
1) Purchase your 30-day subscription here and the props listed above.
2) You’ll receive an invitation to join Teachable (Seasonal Health and Wellness Page) where the classes are stored. Please know it may take a few hours before you receive the invitation/link.

I hope you enjoy the classes! New in-person Monday 4-4:30pm (PT) sessions will begin in June.