Yosemite Dream Calendar


Introducing the 2024 “Yosemite Dreams” calendar, a visual journey into the ethereal beauty of one of nature’s most captivating masterpieces. These images transport you to a dreamlike realm where soft, diffused light bathes the landscape, and a delicate veil of smoke haze adds an enchanting filter to the scene. Gaze upon the entangled trees, their branches telling stories of time and resilience, while the autumnal hues paint a vivid tapestry against the Yosemite canvas. Reflecting in pristine waters, these landscapes will mesmerize you with their otherworldly charm. In “Yosemite Dreams,” experience the iconic Yosemite Valley floor in a new light, ensuring your connection with nature lasts throughout the year.

Orders can be picked up if you live in Oakland. Pay with Venmo? Melina-Meza (7220), be sure to leave mailing address and include shipping fee.



Calendar details: 8.5 x 11, spiral binding

Individual images available for purchase. Email melinameza@comcast.net with image name and desired size.

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