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Melina has over 60 video classes, trainings and talks available online.

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Throughout the series, Melina introduces us to the science of Ayurveda. The four primary goals of Ayurveda are to prevent illness, to promote health, to remember our true nature, and to celebrate our uniqueness. Melina gives us a peek at this ancient system and introduces the elements as a way to navigate our own healing.

Seasonal Vinyasa is a unique offering to the yoga community based on Melina Meza’s interest in and exploration of Hatha yoga, nutrition, and Ayurveda (sister health science to Hatha yoga), similar but different paths that produce alchemical changes in the body and mind. The Seasonal Vinyasa Yoga Practice emphasize the importance of sequencing and being in alignment with nature. In addition to asana practice, they include insights on physical health and nutrition as well as how to inspire self-knowledge that allows for the conscious adjustment of day-to-day choices.


Melina Meza shares a collection of practices designed to bring mastery and balance of the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether.  SIGN UP for a FREE 15 Day Trial.


In Season 2 of Yoga for Our Nature, Melina shares seasonal vinyasa sequences and explores the 3 Pillars of Ayurveda—diet, sleep, and sex. She invites us to celebrate and appreciate our relationship with the natural world, offering practices and talks designed to awaken and nourish our vital energy year-round.  SIGN UP for a FREE 15 Day Trial.

SEASON 3 – DOSHA JAM, 10 episodes

In Season 3, Melina shares a series of practices to help you get to know your dosha and celebrate your unique constitution. We will explore sequences to help balance your dosha, to slow down and unwind, and boost your energy while inviting in a fresh sense of vibrancy into the body. SIGN UP for a FREE 15 Day Trial.


Embrace your ever-changing nature. In Season 4, Melina shares a series of accessible yoga practices to inspire new ways of moving slowly with intention. Together, with the support of props, you will feel an increase in mobility and core strength, an immune system boost, and in general, will feel more awesome in your body.  SIGN UP for a FREE 15 Day Trial.

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“Melina, you are powerfully tuned in and still the very best yoga instructor! Your honesty, sincerity and knowledge combined with your passion for yoga and life are your best qualities. Hope you get a great turn out as I believe anyone and everyone can learn and take away an invaluable experience from you. Namaste!! Thank you for being!


Carmel Yoga Centers Teacher Training

I think you are a brilliant yoga instructor and I appreciate your vibrant, yogi energy and dedication. I learn something from every one of your classes and find each yoga experience with you enriching. I also sincerely appreciate the Ayurvedic focus of your practice and teachings – it clearly stands out and sets you apart from other yoga instructors – and I have incorporated a few of these Ayurvedic lessons into my daily life (sesame oil on the skin in the morning, daily morning meditation, etc.). I look forward to opening myself up more to what practicing with you has to offer. Thank you!

Meghann Moore

Melina brings enthusiasm and passion for the practice of yoga and Ayurverda, and it is CONTAGIOUS! I’ve had the pleasure of being a student of Melina’s for several years. Whether it’s in class, retreats or workshops, she has a unique way of balancing teachings with asana and daily life. My appreciation for her approach and style grows each year. Through openness, compassion, and even humor, she encourages us to challenge ourselves, on and off the mat. For that I am extremely grateful.

Nancy Logsdon